has been shut down

Originally published: August 13, 2021, Updated: September 1, 2021

This Slack application ceased to function on August 31, 2021. Thanks to everyone who has used the application throughout the years, I hope you found some value in it. See below for some questions and answers related to the sunset.


Q: Why is the app being shut down?

A: Unfortunately, with the loads the app has been receiving it has become more costly to maintain than originally planned for, both time-wise and monetarily. It costs around $200 a year to run this app, and dozens of hours of my time for support and development. The app would also requires a non-trivial amount of time to update in order to comply with new Slack API regulations.

Q: What happened to my team's data?

A: All data was securely and permanently erased on September 1, 2021. All data is unrecoverable at this point.

Q: Are there any replacement options?

A: Other Slack apps may provide similar functionality. Alternatively, the code for will remain available on Github should you wish to run an instance for your own Slack team. See this branch for the code prior to the sunset.